Pan-seared Salmon–the beginning of simple fare

Ms. Foodie Patootie is keepin’ it simple and keepin’ it real this evening.  Spring has finally sprung, the weather is the warmest it’s been in months, and so it’s time to drag out the lighter fare.  For me, that always include a good cut of salmon.

I first marinate chopped garlic and green onions with Sesame oil  in my cast-iron skillet, just to bring out the color and flavor.  Cooking in cast iron has an added the benefit: incorporating the mineral into the food, which makes for better absorption by the body.  So for you iron-deficient folks, this is a good thing!

Then, I threw in the salmon fillets, added some ground Sea Salt, pepper, Thyme, plus a hint of ground Ginger and a touch of red wine.  A few minutes over medium heat for a quick pan sear, and dinner is served.

Jasmine rice and steamed green beans add to the delicateness and simplicity of the fare.  Gives new meaning to the term, Eating Well.

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