#TBT: Fun at the First Annual Los Angeles Food Truck Fest

Editor’s Note: This post was conceived 9 years ago, and never given birth. Ms. Foodie decided to give it a chance to fly on Throwback Thursday. She has no idea whether there have been any other Food Truck Fests, but this one was quite epic! Read on…
Thanks to Jason and Xochitl, our fellow foodie–and church–friends, Ms. and Mr. Foodie were able to catch the FIRST ANNUAL Los Angeles Street Food Festival, and we’re so glad we did!
How a foodie like me could not have known about this food truck phenomenon , I don’t know; although the past few years have been tough. But I am a neophyte no longer!  And neither were thousands of other Angeleans, who came from far and wide (even Orange County, no less) to partake of mere morsels of gourmet street fare, from sushi to buttermilk donuts.
Personally, Ms. Foodie was looking for the fresh and innovative-Falafel?  Heck, I can go to Pita Kitchen for that.  Sushi?  Very cautious about who I get my raw fish from.  Good thing there were plenty of other offerings that fit the bill.  Jason decided to start at Monsieur Egg, which had some delicious breakfast fare.  The rest of us sampled the FREE mini-quiches they supplied; the only truck that bothered to do this.
After leaving Monsieur Egg, Dogzilla was the next hit, and it was the Hit!  Not since discovering Oki Dog has a food place made me do the happy dance!  I only have two words for you: Kari Furikake!
After sampling our first Japanese hot dog, Mr. Foodie and Ms. Foodie used our free drink tickets to sample an Izze–his was blueberry, mine was pomegranate.  While I appreciate that the company is trying to become more eco-friendly, the drinks taste much better out of glass than from aluminum. Jason and Xochitl went for an Honest Tea, that Xochitl said was mostly water. After quenching our thirst, we meandered around, looking for our next stop, which also ended up being our last stop: The Flying Pig, which was one of the most popular trucks, as it took us two hours to even order—and woefully understaffed, as it took us another two to get our morsels!
While the food was well worth it (Tamarind Pig Tacos, Braised Short Rib Tacos and a Slider),  the wait was ridiculous. After we ordered, I decided to wander off to another food truck to see if I would have an easier time of sampling, and headed for the Grilled Cheese truck. This was one of the PREMIER trucks with a line all the way back to the entrance from the beginning of the fest—that hadn’t changed by late afternoon when I found the end of the line.


However, while I didn’t succeed in getting anything grilled or with cheese, I did get a dose of entertainment! Some exceptionally entertaining college students who I met in line. The one on the right is named Cameron—he was a hoot!—Julia and her friend.  She asked me to hold her beer, then disappeared. Needless to say her friend Cameron relieved me of it.  Cameron likes beer!

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