Friday Night Dinner: Just an old-fashioned Cheddar-Mushroom Burger with Parmesan-Cilantro Oven Fries

Ms. Foodie had a wonderful time cleansing and resetting the body; all to enjoy this tasty, Friday night treat.

To limit the calories, and so as not to shock the system too much, Ms. Foodie prepared it all in the oven.

I basted my beef in Worcestershire sauce and mixed it with Ground Cumin, Ground Mustard, Ground Ginger, chopped Mushrooms, Onions, Garlic, Cilantro, Sea Salt and Lemon Pepper; then formed them into patties and placed the patties in a 425 degree oven.

For the fries, Ms. Foodie cut potatoes in wedges, then marinated them in Olive Oil, Parmesan-Romano Cheese, Cilantro, and Sea Salt, then placed them on a baking sheet. In the potatoes went into the oven, at the same temperature.

Ms. Foodie topped the Burger with Cheddar and a dollop of Miracle Whip, and Mustard.

A delicate combination of flavors, and so much lighter than you would imagine!

Eating Out: The Oinkster’s “Nick Offerman” All-American Burger

It’s been a rough week, and as much as Ms. Foodie loves to cook, even I need a night off sometimes. It was also the last day in October, and I had yet to try the Burger of the Month at one my favorite burger joints, The Oinkster.

Mr. Foodie and I were not disappointed in the “Nick Offerman” All-American Burger: Shaved Ham, Gruyere, hot n’ sweet Mustard, Mayo and house-made Pickles on top of a Beef Patty and stuffed in a Sourdough Bun.

Despite the list of ingredients, it was quite light, and always tasty. Ms. Foodie approves, and The Oinkster continues to not disappoint!

What’s for Dinner?

Ground Beef Casserole is tonight’s selection, from a recipe on ( Ms. Foodie made some variations, but the end result was still yum!

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Sunday Dinner: Marinated Skirt Steak with carmelized onions and garlic, accompanied by Creamy Cabbage and Potatoes

Heartier food for heartier weather. I do love my beef, and cabbage makes a wonderful complement. #foodie #ieatthereforeiam #sundaydinner #fallmenu

The Oinkster’s Burger Week, June 3-9

The Oinkster

Ms. Foodie loves living on the Eastside of Los Angeles, if for nothing else, the unique food offerings. The Oinkster is the go-to place for gourmet fast food. Don’t doubt me–it does exist.

Chef Andre Guerrero whips up “high-quality American classics”, and he does a good job of it. Every year, the Oinkster has a “Burger Week” with unique and awesome offerings for seven days. There’s even a contest for free swag if you are able to come in all 7 days and eat all 7 burgers. Unfortunately, Ms. Foodie was only able to sample two–but they were well worth the trip!

Wednesday’s Burger was “Burgerlord of the Rings”: One burger to rule them all. Five ounces of beef patty, homemade Onion Rings, Sriracha Cream Cheese, Pineapple Ring & Teriyaki Sauce on a Bagel Bun.

It was the bomb-diggity!


On Thursday, Mr. Foodie and I hopped on over for “The Weed Eater”: a half pound Burger, Jalapeño Bacon, Cheddar, Funyuns, Garlic Aioli and seared Pulled Pork (in Mosh Pit BBQ Sauce).


Mr. Foodie gave it a 9.5 out of 10.

Unfortunately, once Burger Week is done, so are those particular specialties. But fear not Burger Lovers, the Oinkster offers a specialty burger every month, as well as their signature burger, “The Royale”:  a 1/3 pound Nebraska Angus patty cheeseburger with bacon, chili  AND pastrami, plus dill pickles, onions, tomato, lettuce and 1000 Island dressing.  You can choose your cheese: American or sharp cheddar. For another .75 cents, add some gruyere.

Well worth the caloric intake.


You can follow The Oinkster on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. To keep up all the food offerings, visit their website.

Big Food for the Big Game

CIMG0371Ms. Foodie is by no means a sports fan–I just use any excuse to cook and party! SuperBowl Sunday is the perfect day to trot out some new recipes, or put a new twist on the old ones.

Ms. Foodie kept the nibbles few and simple: Potato Chips, Baby Carrots, Celery Sticks, and Toasted sliced mini Baguettes.  They were the perfect complement to the Garlic Feta Dip and the Egg and Avocado Salad found on the Never Homemaker site.


Ms. Foodie liked this particular Egg Salad because of it’s simplicity and flexibility. Of course, changes were made: Ms. Foodie rarely does Mayonnaise, when Miracle Whip tastes better; and Salt and Pepper should always be to taste–a pinch just doesn’t do the trick.

CIMG0367But enough of the nibbles, it’s always the main event that gets me really excited!

Ms. Foodie has fallen in LOVE with Trader Joe’s Sweet Chili sauce, so she decided to sauce up her Pork Spare Ribs with it! I first seasoned the Ribs with some Sea Salt, Pepper, and a bit of Cayenne, then poured on the TJ’s Sweet Chili sauce (about half of the 10 ounce bottle for 12 ribs), sliced some onions to cover the ribs, and put the mix in a crock pot for about six hours.


Once the Ribs were sufficiently succulent,  I placed them in a pan, basted them with the rest of the bottle of Sweet Chili sauce, then baked them uncovered in a 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes.

CIMG0374Ms. Foodie paired the Spare Ribs with my favorite Jasmine Rice–Man, were they tasty!


That got us through two halves of the game, so for halftime, Ms. Foodie whipped up some sliders. Easy to do with pre-marinated Ground Beef, mini buns from Trader Joe’s (love that place!) and some sliced Cheddar.

I mixed the Ground Beef with chopped Onions, Garlic, Worcestershire sauce, Cumin, Basil, Thyme, Salt, Pepper, and a bit of Probiotic Yogurt. Ms. Foodie set the mixture in the fridge for a couple of hours to meld these flavors. It also helps me form the mix into little balls, about an inch to an inch-and-a-half in diameter.

CIMG0378In lieu of a grill, I lined a pan with aluminum foil, then cooked them in a 350 degree oven for 20-25 minutes. While the Burger Balls were cooking, it gave me time to prep the mini buns by cutting the Cheddar Cheese slices in quarters, and putting those mini-slices on each side of the bun.


Ms. Foodie placed the prepped buns in the oven midway through the Burgers cooking. Once the Cheese was melted, everything comes out, and the Sliders are ready to be put together.


No matter who wins the game, these SuperBowl goodies make for a victorious feast!

Quinoa Chili

Ms. Foodie decided to add a new twist to an old recipe. I gave my tried and true chili a bit of a facelift by adding some Quinoa, Fresh Tomato, Cilantro, Ginger, and Cinnamon!

Atop some warm homemade Cornbread and a dollop of Sour Cream, it’s the hit on this chilly Spring evening.

Angus Burger with Mushrooms, Kale and Green Onion–it’s What’s for Dinner!

Ms. Foodie turned the page on another epicurean year, and decided to celebrate with some good, old-fashioned American fare… with a bit of international twists.

I started with yummy 90 percent lean Angus Ground Beef, and spiced it up with Turmeric, Thyme, Cilantro, Garlic and Basil. I chopped up some Green Onion, Kale, and Mushrooms. After adding a dash of Teriyaki marinade, mixed it all together.

While those flavors were melding in the fridge, I peeled and sliced Russet potatoes, then used a basting brush to cover them with a mixture of Olive Oil and grated Parmesan/Romano Cheese. After baking in a 350 degree oven for 50 minutes to an hour, they were beautiful and crisp.

I formed the Angus Beef into thick patties and slapped them on the George Foreman grill. Mr. Foodie likes his medium well, but I like mine to moo a bit!

I served it up on a toasted bun, and garnished the Burgers with Muenster Cheese, Avocado and Tomato–just what the doctor ordered! Well…

I washed it down with a full-bodied Full Sail Amber Ale. Mr. Foodie had some bootleg beer he got from a friend–sssh! Don’t tell anyone…


Broiled Dijon Burger

Is what’s for dinner!  Marinated in Dijon Mustard, and stuffed with colorful red and orange Baby Bells, Green Onion, Garlic and Mushrooms, you get all of the flavor, without all the fat.

With a slice of Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Kale and Tomato, it’s even tastier!