Comfort Breakfast: Grits with Parmesan Rock Fish and Seaweed

Ms. Foodie has been feeling a bit under the weather, so comfort foods are in order not only for nourishment, but for pampering.

Grits are my go-to breakfast comfort food. Ms. Foodie had some leftover Parmesan Rock Fish, so that added some protein and flavor, while Seaweed flakes added some chew and spice.

Along with some Peppermint Tea with LOTS of honey, and Ms. Foodie is feeling better already!

Grits and Logastino tails make for an Eclectic Morning

So the weather has gotten nippier outside, and Ms. Foodie needed something warm in her belly!  What better cold weather morning burner than Grits.

Grits are like potatoes: they take on the flavor and tenor of whatever you add to it.  So, Ms. Foodie went eclectic and a tad exotic, adding some frozen Logastino tails in while the grits cooked.  Once they were ready, I added a bit of Trader Joe’s 3-Cheese Blend, and roasted Seaweed, to give it a bit of saltiness and texture.

Hearty?  You betcha!  Not to mention delish.  Good morning!