That’s Amore!

Ms. Foodie turned the kitchen into Little Italy this weekend.

I made two Lasagnas for a going away party. One vegan/gluten-free, the other traditional, loaded with lots of meat and cheese. For the vegan Lasagna, my go-to source was; of course, Ms. Foodie added her own magic, but appreciated the help, as I’m a carnivore at heart.

The traditional Lasagna is a recipe that I keep perfecting over time, and it just gets better and better. One day I’ll share it… maybe–heh! heh!

The magic touch for both Lasagnas–Kale–a super food  that is heartier and just as healthy as spinach. It’s highly versatile, and has becomes a regular staple in Ms. Foodie’s kitchen.







Ms. Foodie also whipped up some Ground Chicken Marinara Sauce, and if I must say so myself, I put my foot in it!

Mr. Foodie agrees, as he forwent a fresh dinner for leftover Linguine with said Meat Sauce–I knew I married him for a reason…


What’s for Dinner?: Chicken Loaf

So for Ms. Foodie’s reemergence back into the kitchen, I decided that meat and potatoes was in order–but I skipped the meat.

Ground chicken makes a wonderful substitute, and instead of the typical tomato-based loaf, I lavished the poultry with French Onions, bread crumbs, egg, sour cream, and mushrooms. Then, I spiced it up with Cumin, Tumeric, Garlic, Pepper, Fresh Basil, Sage, Cilantro and Tarragon.

After 45-minutes at 350 degrees, you have a flavor extravaganza that is savory, and yummy to the tummy!

And what’s a loaf without a baked potato? I generously spread the butter and sour cream–but you can be as healthy as you want to be… or not!


10 Minute Meals: Ground Chicken with Spinach and Mushrooms

If Rachael Ray made her bones with the 30-minute meal, perhaps Ms. Foodie will make hers with the 10-minute one! Seriously, I can cook a delicious, nutritious dish in 10 minutes, and it is quite good!

This dish also falls under the One-Skillet Meal category, so cleanup is a breeze.  I took Ground Chicken (you can use any ground you like–beef, pork, tofu, knock yourself out!) and cooked it with fresh Spinach and Mushrooms, spicing it up with some fresh Garlic, Ground Ginger, Basil, Ground Pepper, Minced Onions and Celery Salt.  Once the Ground meat was close to done, I added two tablespoons (give or take) of Hoisin Sauce, turned the heat on low, and let it simmer for five minutes. Serve over rice, pasta, whatever your little heart desires.  For more sauce, add a bit more Hoisin and simmer for three minutes instead of five.

Ms. Foodie served this dish over a bed of Jasmine Rice, made perfectly (and in record time) in our Aroma Rice Steamer.  Because this steamer is programmable, I was able to prep the rice and set the timer to start the steamer before I began cooking the meal.  Gotta love technology!

And gotta love this dish…