Yummy Catfish Tacos

So Ms. Foodie wishes she were in Monterey, but couldn’t swing it this year; so I tried a dish reminiscent of the Pier and seafood.

I cut Catfish fillets into little chunks, coated them with an egg mixture spiced with Coriander, Chili Powder, Cayenne, Thyme and Cilantro; then covered the nuggets with Panko breading.

This was my first fry with Coconut Oil, and I must say, I like it! It is light, barely discernible, and doesn’t overheat. Can’t wait to pop some popcorn with it.

I served up my nuggets in a flour tortilla (but you can use corn if you like), and freshly harvested chopped tomatoes, avocados, Trader Joe’s Three-Cheese Blend, and a dollop of sour cream and Pineapple Salsa–Tasty!

What’s for Dinner?: Cheesy Catfish Chowder!

Ms. Foodie wanted something quick and dirty for dinner, that didn’t involve turning on a stove. AllRecipes.com came to rescue!

This Cheesy Catfish Chowder was so simple, and didn’t require anything fancy in terms of ingredients–I already had most everything in the store.

Being Ms. Foodie, I did my variations and substitutions: Water Chestnuts to replace the crunch of the Celery, and cooling spices like Tarragon, Cilantro and Thyme, to supplement the Celery Salt and Pepper. I also substituted the Cheddar with Colby-Jack and Provolone.

In less than an hour, dinner is served, along with some crusty French Bread and a glass of Tolosa Chardonnay.


Pasta with Florentine-Garlic Sauce

So what started out with a simple Garlic Butter Sauce recipe from AllRecipes.com, turned out to be a delicious Florentine-style addition to Angel Hair Pasta.

Taking their simple recipe, I increased the butter from 1/3 to 1/2 cup, added two cloves of garlic instead of one, and added sun-dried tomatoes, chopped mushrooms, and shredded kale.

Seasoned with dried Basil and Oregano to taste, Celery Salt, and Pepper, it made for a burst of extravagant flavor for the palate.

While that would have been a complete meal in and of itself, I decided to oven-broil some Rock Cod fillets, lightly basted in White Wine, Olive Oil, Curry Powder, Cumin and Minced Garlic.

This little addition was off the chain–and the entire meal took less than 40 minutes… Suhweet!

What’s for Dinner?

Lemon Garlic Tilapia, compliments of AllRecipes.com accompanied by Candied Carrots and Kale, which is fast becoming my favorite Iron-Beta Carotene source. Mr. Foodie even whipped up his favorite Kraft Macaroni & Cheese!

Delicious and nutritious….

Honey and Orange Glazed Salmon

So Ms. Foodie did an informal poll on Facebook about how I should prepare my Salmon.  While usually not lacking ideas, I just felt like finding out what other people do, and I was not disappointed! Definitely will store some of the suggestions for future use.

Tonight’s winner was a suggestion by my friend, Christine Heneise: Coating the Salmon with a honey and orange glaze. I tented the fillet in aluminum foil, then seasoned it with Thyme, Sea Salt and Ground Ginger.  I put a bit of honey in a ramekin, then microwaved for about 5-10 seconds to liquefy.

Using a pastry brush,  I coated the Salmon with the honey. Ms. Foodie just happened to have some fresh blood oranges on hand, so I cut one in half and squeezed the juice over the honeyed fillet, then cut the other half into slices, and placed them decoratively on top.

Grill it in a 400 degree oven for 25 minutes–35 if you like your fish crispier.  Brown Rice or pasta is a nice complement, or something creamy, like Alfredo or macaroni and cheese. 

Thanksgiving Dinner Recap

It’s been a while since Ms. Foodie posted any good dishes!  I was so geared toward Thanksgiving and prepping all that good food, that the everyday food prep got put on the back burner.  My apologies.

Compliments of my dear sister, who flew in from the artic Midwest to spend Thanksgiving with us in the beautiful and measureably warmer West, I have some mouthwatering pictures of the Thanksgiving dinner spread–and what a spread it was! 

The turkey was obviously the center of attention.  I marinated it in Olive Oil, Rosemary, Ginger, Sea Salt, Ground Pepper and Thyme, then stuffed it full of my specialty kitchen-sink dressing.  The second meat course was a lovely Applewood smoked Ham in a Mandarin Orange and Brown Sugar glaze, and for my non-meat eating friends, Salmon basted in Olive Oil and minced onions.

And those lovelies were accompanied by Baked Three-Cheese Macaroni and Cheese, Candied Yams and Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  Friends brought a host of other sides, including homemade Cranberry Sauce and Vegan Collard Greens.  Then we topped off our evening with a dessert of Peach Cobbler and French Vanilla Ice Cream.

The leftovers were even more stupendous, and the turkey and ham supplied the makings for some wonderful new dishes.  Stay tuned for some delicious recipes for the Holiday Season!

A unique, What’s for Dinner–

Basa Fillets pan-fried in peanut oil, with Chinese peanut noodles (recipe compliments of AC6C Cliff), and steamed Snap Peas.

Truly a mixed bag, but it sounded good, and tasted even better!

Pan-seared Salmon–the beginning of simple fare

Ms. Foodie Patootie is keepin’ it simple and keepin’ it real this evening.  Spring has finally sprung, the weather is the warmest it’s been in months, and so it’s time to drag out the lighter fare.  For me, that always include a good cut of salmon.

I first marinate chopped garlic and green onions with Sesame oil  in my cast-iron skillet, just to bring out the color and flavor.  Cooking in cast iron has an added the benefit: incorporating the mineral into the food, which makes for better absorption by the body.  So for you iron-deficient folks, this is a good thing!

Then, I threw in the salmon fillets, added some ground Sea Salt, pepper, Thyme, plus a hint of ground Ginger and a touch of red wine.  A few minutes over medium heat for a quick pan sear, and dinner is served.

Jasmine rice and steamed green beans add to the delicateness and simplicity of the fare.  Gives new meaning to the term, Eating Well.