Meals on Veal: Ground Veal and Spinach Marinara Meat Sauce

Friday is quickie meal day.  After a week of life, the universe and everything, even Ms. Foodie doesn’t feel like slaving in the kitchen.  So if I don’t already have something prepared that I can reheat, I look for one of my One-Skillet or Kitchen Cabinet meals which emphasize using what’s in the house with little prep or cook time.

So Meat Sauce it is, but since I had some Ground Veal in the store, I decided to add this to my Meals on Veal repertoire. With the addition of frozen chopped spinach (also in the store), a new one-skillet meal is born!  I browned the Ground Veal in a non-stick pot with the chopped spinach, and seasoned with some fresh baby bells of assorted color, Basil, Oregano, minced onions, garlic powder, Fennel seed, Thyme,  ground pepper and Sea Salt.

Ms. Foodie tries to keep a pasta sauce in the store, and I pulled from that with the Four Cheese from the Whole Foods 365 Organic line.  Once the meat was browned and spinach melted, I poured in the sauce with an addition of Parmesan/Romano cheese for thickening, and about a cup of brown sugar.  Not only does it add a richer flavor to the meat, but it cuts the acidity of the tomato sauce.  I covered the pan and let these ingredients simmer and meld for about 30 minutes, then turn off heat and let the sauce sit for about 10 minutes more.

Trader Joe’s’ Mushroom-filled tortellini is the pasta of choice, on which I liberally poured the Veal and Spinach Marinara sauce.

And remember that Cheddar Cheese French loaf from the other day?  Well the leftovers warmed up nicely in the toaster oven to make a nice accompaniment to the Tortellini covered meat sauce.

And Veal still surprises me for its amazing lightness; yet still very filling.

Have a great weekend–eat well!

Meals on Veal: Veal Breast over Gnocchi

I am having a good time with Meals on Veal these days.  From spare ribs, to ground veal, to breast chops, it is opening up a whole new tableau of recipes and gourmet delights!

Today’s selection involves the Veal Breast, sliced thick.  I brined the chops for a few hours in water, Sea Salt, Basil, Brown Sugar, and a bit of Chardonnay, but overnight is even better, and always yields a tenderer, juicier cut of meat.  Reserve about 1/4 to a 1/2 cup of the brining for cooking.

I heated about  two tablespoons of olive oil with ground flaxseed to add a nutty flavor to the breasts, then placed them in a non-stick skillet to cook and simmer.  After about five minutes of simmering, I poured a 1/4 cup of white wine over the chops, cooking until a nice aroma of the wine soaked chops filled the kitchen, then poured that reserve brining over the chops, covered the skillet, and lowered the heat a bit more to simmer for 20 more minutes.

While the chops were doing their thing, I took a half a loaf of French bread and cut a hole in the center, then stuffed it with shredded Sharp Cheddar, and replaced some of the bread middle.  I wrapped it loosely in aluminum foil and set it aside.

In the meantime, I put water on the boil for the Potato Gnocchi, and rinsed my vegetable of choice: yellow and green beans, ready for steaming.

Still keeping an eye on the Veal Breasts and turning mid-cook, I let the broth begin to bubble before adding about two teaspoons of cornstarch to thicken the broth a bit and cooking for five more minutes.   Then, I turned off the flame and let the chops settle.

Perfect time to place that French bread in the toaster oven to warm the bread and melt the cheese; about 20 minutes.

And Gnocchi takes less than 10 minutes to cook in a rolling boil; so once they were plumped and drained and the veggies steamed, I arranged them on the plate and drizzled the Veal Breast and Gnocchi with a bit of broth.

A satisfying, yet surprisingly light meal!