Food Truck Heaven: Ricky’s Fish Tacos

So Ms. Foodie is making it a New Year’s goal (no resolutions on this blog) to explore more of the L.A. Food Truck scene. After Christmas, Ms. Foodie and visiting family paid a visit to Ricky’s Fish Tacos. The menu is simple: Ensenada-style Fish Tacos and Shrimp Tacos with a few traditional Mexican drinks. In-N-Out has done well with that strategy, so why not?

Ms. Foodie tried both the Fish and Shrimp Tacos. The Shrimp was good, but the flavor of the shellfish felt overwhelmed by all that breading. But the Fish Taco? Oh My! Divine and melt in your mouth. Topped by delicious crema, or a mild, medium, or hot salsa, and you have a winner for dinner. Ms. Foodie didn’t see any lines around the block–yet; but I have no doubt Ricky’s will get there.

Ms. Foodie highly recommends you try the Mint-Cucumber drink–it will change your life!

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Breakfast for Dinner

After starting the morning with a wonderful Yoga class, the rest of the day has been mellow city.   And since Ms. Foodie is flying solo tonight for din-din, I figured I’d continue the mellowness and flow with Simple Fare.  And nothing is simpler than an omelette.

To give some richness to my omelette, I decided to whip the eggs with evaporated milk, and threw in some Basil for good measure.

I always keep White Shrimp in the freezer, because I’m a shrimp nut, and it’s easy protein and Omega 3s in any meal.  After peeling the shrimp, coarsely chopping them, then sautéing the crustaceans in butter, garlic, salt and pepper, I poured on the egg mixture.

As the egg base solidified, I added a 3-Cheese Blend of Monterey Jack, Cheddar, and Mozzarella from Trader Joe’s, and for a bit of color, red and orange baby bell peppers!

It’s Jewish High Holiday season, so Challah is in large supply in every grocery store.  I decided to break off some pieces of the loaf, along with a glass of Tolosa Chardonnay, to accompany my meal.

And the rest of the Challah loaf will be quite useful for breakfast again–stay tuned….