Liquid Days: Sweet Potato Soup with Quinoa and Coconut Milk

Ms. Foodie has entered the liquid phase of the Wellness Cleanse: three days of non-solids. This means all the juices, smoothies, and soups a girl can enjoy! If Ms. Foodie can’t drink it or slurp it, then it isn’t on the menu. So the balance of yesterday was spent in the kitchen, whipping up some scrumptious and tasty soups and smoothies.

This Sweet Potato Soup with Quinoa and Coconut Milk came from a site called, “A Veggie Adventure“. As usual, Ms. Foodie put her own spin on what is a solid (and delicious) recipe. I added more of the Cayenne Pepper and Chili Powder, used tri-color Quinoa, and instead of leaving chunks of sweet potato to “help the appearance”, Ms. Foodie put everything in a blender and pureed away!

With a dollop of Probiotic Yogurt, I think the appearance is fine; and the taste is phenomenal!

Adventures with Coconut Milk…

It’s always an adventure when I’m in the kitchen! Ms. Foodie had a senior moment (yes, I’m near that age…) and tried to drink Coconut Milk, assuming it was the same as Coconut Water. Hmm…. right. I’m sure you know how well that went.

So what else does one do but find a recipe in which to use it? Coconut Milk doesn’ t have a long shelf-life once opened; so I combed the Internet to find a recipe to my liking.

The closest I came to this was a Brazilian Chicken with Coconut recipe on, but in Ms. Foodie fashion, I followed the parts I wanted and modified the rest.

I wasn’t interested in the overabundance of heat, so I kept the Cayenne and skipped the Jalapenos. I also wanted to lower the acidity, thus, the Tomatoes were discarded. Then I increased the Tumeric, Cumin, Coriander and Cayenne to two teaspoons, and added in equal parts of Cilantro. This wonderful potpourri of spices was used to coat the Chicken Breasts (I used six), which were then cooked in Olive Oil.

Finally, the recipe calls for sauteing chopped Onions, Garlic, Ginger, and Tomatoes (which I eliminated), in Olive Oil, combine the Coconut Milk with these, and pour this mix over the Chicken. This dish is way too flavorful to waste dipping sauce over it–Ms. Foodie prefers her chicken saturated. So, I placed the chicken pieces on top of the Onions, Garlic, and Ginger, then poured the Coconut Milk over everything.

I also had some Green Beans in the store, so I chopped those up and sprinkled them on top of the mix.

After simmering for 15 minutes (no longer, otherwise the cream separates from the water and it’s not pretty), my Coconut Milk dish was served up over Basmati Rice.

Any ideas for a name for this Patootie modification?