The 2012 Wellness Cleanse–Healthy eating makes a healthy Foodie!

As part of my new Yogic lifestyle, Ms. Foodie is doing a Wellness Cleanse. I try to do a cleanse at least once a year, because it is always a good thing to detoxify and re-calibrate your eating habits. But this particular cleanse is one of the CorePower Yoga programs, and it is done with group support and structured weekly Yoga classes. ¬†As an instructor, it is helpful to know what the program entails, so I can inform and encourage my students–so it’s all good.

We are on Day 4, and Ms. Foodie is already feeling the benefits. Who knew a Neti Pot treatment in the evening was all I needed for better sleep? While the Cleanse is built around Ayurveda, a science of eating according to your body type and the seasons, it does not require crazy-radical, drastic elimination. What elimination it does ask for (caffeine, grains/breads, processed foods) is progressive, and is done over a 2-week period.

I appreciate that it leaves the elimination of diary to your discretion. I have been re-incorporating diary back into my diet over the years with good results. I’m a protein craver, and it has proven to be a great source, especially when I’m on the go. So it’s nice to still be able to have my Probiotic Yogurt smoothies and Chobani!

There will be three days of liquid eating (no solids), so Ms. Foodie will be a blending fool come Wednesday. So I was stoked to discover a Yogurt Lassi recipe from L.A. Yoga Magazine and Ayurvedic Health. Ms. Foodie is playing around with the flavor combinations, adding a larger amount of the spices (Sea Salt, Pepper, Ginger and Cumin) than the recipe calls for, and even incorporating bananas and mangoes! I’ll let you know when I come up with a balance I like.

In the meantime, it’s not only a good meal substitute, but an immunity booster, too.

Here’s to healthy cleansing, and healthy eating!