Oh, Chobani!

Now that Ms. Foodie is doing her intensive Yoga training, I am always looking for high-protein snacks. While yogurt is a good candidate, I have never liked the sugary crap that most grocery chains sell as healthy (read: Yoplait), nor do I like the “fresh from the cow” minimally-cultured variety generally sold at Whole Foods and other healthy food outlets.

Thank the foodie fairies for Chobani Greek Yogurt, which I discovered at Jon’s Market! I bought a small amount (four) in the event I absolutely despised it. Now I am down to the last container, and ready to go out and purchase more. Thick and creamy like ice cream, with just the right amount of tartness coupled with sweetness, it has Ms. Foodie doing a happy dance!

And to Ms. Foodie’s sheer delight, they even have a website with a page called Chobani Kitchen! Be still my foodie heart! You can search their recipes which are nicely tagged by dish category or yogurt flavor, or you can suggest to them ways you used their yogurt in your own recipe–how cool is that?

I’m already creating a sauce with the Chobani Plain to complement the roasted chicken breast me and Mr. Foodie will be having for dinner.  Stay tuned….

Midnight Snacking

Ms. Foodie is burning the midnight oil, for no good reason except that I am up.  And of course, that means my stomach has the grumbles.  So, the midnight snack of choice is microwave popcorn sprinkled with grated Parmesan/Romano cheese instead of salt.   Talk about melt-in-your-mouth goodness!  And no midnight snack would be complete without a nightcap:  A Tolosa 2006 Pinot Noir.  Just adds to the richness of it all.

With Julie & Julia playing in the background, it makes sitting up late and blogging seem like the perfect thing to do into the wee small hours….

Sleep is overrated!