Angus Burger with Mushrooms, Kale and Green Onion–it’s What’s for Dinner!

Ms. Foodie turned the page on another epicurean year, and decided to celebrate with some good, old-fashioned American fare… with a bit of international twists.

I started with yummy 90 percent lean Angus Ground Beef, and spiced it up with Turmeric, Thyme, Cilantro, Garlic and Basil. I chopped up some Green Onion, Kale, and Mushrooms. After adding a dash of Teriyaki marinade, mixed it all together.

While those flavors were melding in the fridge, I peeled and sliced Russet potatoes, then used a basting brush to cover them with a mixture of Olive Oil and grated Parmesan/Romano Cheese. After baking in a 350 degree oven for 50 minutes to an hour, they were beautiful and crisp.

I formed the Angus Beef into thick patties and slapped them on the George Foreman grill. Mr. Foodie likes his medium well, but I like mine to moo a bit!

I served it up on a toasted bun, and garnished the Burgers with Muenster Cheese, Avocado and Tomato–just what the doctor ordered! Well…

I washed it down with a full-bodied Full Sail Amber Ale. Mr. Foodie had some bootleg beer he got from a friend–sssh! Don’t tell anyone…


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